Female empowerment is this new collection’s lifeblood. FEMINEUS is for the confident woman. It’s about what’s beyond beauty, it’s about strength.

Society is changing constantly, and women are increasingly becoming the star of their own stories. The world has turned them into “super women”, yet they are still being bulldozed, forced to abandon their femininity. To be FEMININE was the starting point to build each one of the pieces, silhouettes, patterns, prints, and even textures, using delicately structured elements. This fuses with the collection’s avant-garde angles, volumes, and movements quite harmoniously.

Every woman has her own essence. At byefrainmogollon, we strive to design for a no-frills, strong and confident woman. We’re inspired by women with a unique sensibility for design, good taste and quality; they don’t act as a style reference, they are a source of inspiration for others.